How To Be a Leader In Your Industry w/ Amber Ybarra

Amber Ybarra

How To Be a Leader In Your Industry w/ Amber Ybarra

In this episode, Amber discusses how to be a leader in your life and become confident in starting and running your own business.




Amber Ybarra is the author of “Thriving into Thirty”, former signed curves model turned woman in construction, and Founder of The Positive Platform.

 Amber is certified in the Science of Well Being from Yale University and is the creator of the Re-Model You Method, helping multi-passionate entrepreneurs reinvent themselves.

 Amber’s book has been featured on Target .com, Fox28, NBC, The Business Journal, Daily Times Leader, and multiple other major media outlets.




Amber gives tips for individuals who are unsure if starting a business is right for them


“You really have to be clear on what direction you want to go. I feel like in this day and age with so much at our fingertips, 

we could want to just be all in on NF T’s are then we want to say no, but I want to be a coach. But wait, I kind of want to start a social media agency or I want to, like there are just so many routes to go. 


I would say that could be overwhelming and overwhelm is why people procrastinate people procrastinate because they’ll they, some people will say they’re a perfectionist. And no hate to the people that call themselves perfectionists but a lot of that time it’s like, no, you actually don’t want it to be perfect. 


You have to embrace starting imperfectly because you’re going to make the best the best growing lessons in business

  are the times that you mess up so that you can figure out wow, okay, that didn’t work. I have to do this. And so I would say be clear on your vision. Be clear on what you want to do.”



Amber discusses how to better focus on your true purpose in life.



“It really all starts with a belief, if you believe that you can do it, then your actions are going to follow.

And once your actions follow your belief, you’re able to reassure yourself, and that’s really what confidence is.


Confidence is that reassurance, that self assurance that you are good enough that you are capable. And so to make your life better in that way, you have to believe that you can do it, and none of us can can tell you that you’re able to do that.


 how many of us were told, oh my gosh, you’re so beautiful or you’re so smart.  But if you don’t feel those things, those aren’t going to change within you. So it circles back around to to your beliefs first. And I really I want to add this in order to change that really have to work on keeping promises to yourself. “



In this episode we discuss:


  • What Inspired Amber to leave modeling to transition into entrepreneurship
  • How She helps entrepreneurs reinvent themselves to become successful
  • What is the Re-Model you method?
  •  Tips for individuals who find themselves unsure of how to start their own business
  • What is the positive platform and what inspired her to create it



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