How to Break Free When You Feel Trapped with Sarah Edmondson

Sarah Edmonson

How to Break Free When You Feel Trapped with Sarah Edmondson

Episode 20

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In this episode, we talk to Sarah Edmondson, the Vancouver-based actress and renowned whistleblower for the dangerous NXVIM cult.


 Edmondson is an actor, author, and advocate for people in coercively controlled relationships. 

 For the past 15 or so years of her life, Sarah had a key role in enrolling people into the NXVIM organization until she uncovered and fell victim to the nefarious actions of the cult’s leader Keith Raniere. Because of her bravery along with the actions of more of Raniere’s victims, he is now serving a 120-year sentence for federal sex trafficking, forced labor, and other charges. 

 Now that Edmondson is free from the NXVIM cult, she is producing her own podcast A Little Bit Cultly with her husband Nippy, another former NXVIM member. 

 Her bravery, well-spoken nature, and honesty make her a wonderful and fascinating podcast guest and we’re so honored to have the opportunity to share her story. 


  • Sarah’s insights and developing expertise on high control groups like cults.

“You never join a cult thinking you are joining one.

          “You can be fully indoctrinated into a new belief system within three days if you are open, and you are focused.

  • The story of her life inside the cult and how she has changed since leaving.
  • Sarah’s thoughts on other cult-like groups that resemble NXVIM.
  • Sarah tell us that seeking support is essential when you feel trapped.

“I know it feels that there is no way out and that there are not a lot of options but there are options and it is not with that person or in that group. And if you feel dependent, and you are afraid of leaving, find somebody that does not know the person, does not know the group, and ask for help because there is community support in most cities.”


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