How To Heal Your Money Wounds w/ Helena Lucia

Helena Lucia

How To Heal Your Money Wounds w/ Helena Lucia

In this episode, Helena discusses how to understand your money language and heal your money wounds.




In 2021, Helena Lucia left her successful career as a software engineer to create and build solutions for the collective mental health crisis in the wake of the pandemic. Currently, Helena is a trauma-informed burnout coach who helps individuals and their partners talk the same money language. She is the CEO and founder of Sis journey and hosts the SiSu Journey Science and Stories of Resilience podcast. Helena uses her own personal journey to help others focus on deep healing through nervous system regulation, embodiment, energetics, and subconscious reprogramming. She has been featured on The Art of Online Business Pause on the Play podcast, Whatever Works podcast, Bursting with Happiness podcast, and Intuitive Intelligence podcast.




Helena gives tips on how to have a healthier relationship with money 


“I think the first one I would say is be open to understanding like learning from that relationship, being, you know, going near it without having to just go way into it, kind of just look around the edges.


 Recognize that like a lot of the messages that you’re getting about how you have to do things or that debt is bad or that you know, rich, people are evil or whatever. 


A lot of these messages that you may be subscribing to, may not be true at all or they may not you know that there may not be messages that serve you in your life, you get one life. 

And so if you start kind of going inside of your body, and figuring out how you want to live that life, you will start to find the things that need to be healed one at a time. It’s not going to be too much. 


You can start doing it a little bit at a time. Like we said, 51% if you if your specific path involves medication or therapy or therapy, or coaching or healing work, you know, go for it. 

Find the coaches and mentors and therapists and support people in the community that provide you the tools that you need to work through wherever you are but just keep pursuing healing.” (Audio)


Helena discusses the connection between deep healing and the relationship individuals have with money.


Your identity level is what makes the most impact when you’re starting to work. So a lot of times when you have, you know, a difficult early childhood or you have events in your life that happened to you that make you feel out of control and powerless. 


You don’t have an identity that feels like you’re valuable. That feels like you’re intrinsically worthwhile just because you are existing.


 And so, when you’re healing that identity wound, then you can start interacting with money from a creative, engaged possibility focus place because you know, you’re taking care of, 


you know, your health, but if you don’t have that was that deep healing that comes from healing that identity? You know, that’s really the place to start.


A lot of times when we’re trying to change. We are focused on behavior, and we’re focused on environment, and behavior and environment, really don’t move the needle like identity. And I like to say, think about the difference of saying, I am a runner, versus I run three times a week.


 If you say I’m a runner, you could go two weeks without running and still be a runner. But if you say I run three times a week, you go two to two weeks without it now you’ve lost that. So it’s changing on that identity level that’s so critical, and that’s where the deep healing is.


In this episode, we discuss :


  • How Helena became a trauma-informed money coach
  • How individuals can build a healthy relationship with money
  • The impact social media plays on relationships with money
  • The best ways for individuals to learn their money language
  • The connection between deep healing and your relationship with money 
  • The best habits to cultivate in order for money to play a positive role in your lif




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