How to Learn to Control Your Mindset w/ McKenna Reitz

McKenna Reitz

How to Learn to Control Your Mindset w/ McKenna Reitz


In this episode, McKenna talks about how to control your mindset to make better choices in life.




McKenna Reitz is a TEDx speaker who empowers men and women to reframe life’s challenges into gifts and opportunities so they can pursue their purpose with clarity and confidence. After losing all her hair due to Alopecia, McKenna uses her journey of having this autoimmune disease to help others overcome the loss in their life by resetting the mindset of their “loss” into growth and opportunities in their lives. Mckenna is here to talk to us about how to learn to control our mindset so we can cultivate confidence and self-love so make sure to stay tuned for our entire conversation. 




McKenna talks about the effects of social media on self-image


we need to teach these young adults and these young children to never compare ourselves to one another. Because when we look at a picture, one it took probably 20 minutes from post that picture because they need to find the right filter, the right caption, the take the right pose in order to be confident enough to post it. 


But yet in milliseconds, we are deciding to compare our entire life to that one picture that we don’t even know the background of we don’t know that that is just a glimpse into their life, but the rest of their life is in shambles. 


And we need to understand that we should be inspired by one another instead of being compared to because we are all on our mountain at different points and all of our mountains look extremely different. And so that’s why we need to understand that everyone is battling something whether it is visible or invisible. We’re all battling something. 


And we all get to make the choice on how vulnerable we are with sharing your story. And some are much more vulnerable than others. And that is okay. Because we need introverts and extroverts within our lives.

 And so for those who are not comfortable to share their story, we still need to understand that they’re still battling something and we need to support them unconditionally by continuing to be authentically ourselves


McKenna gives advice on how to control our mindset 


I live by the quote, the problem is not the problem. The problem is the attitude about the problem. And it was said by Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean, yeah, which is awesome, but every situation we are all faced with challenges all day. Small, big in between. 

And what we need to stop and realize is that when a problem or something difficult, faces us, we need to even say it out loud. Do I have control over the situation? If you do, go for it, bite to knew, you know, tooth and nail until you win every single time. Be as relentless as possible.


 But if you say, You know what, I don’t have control over this. Yeah. What you do have control over is that attitude and focus, shift the mindset, if you can, there’s nothing we can do about the problem. There’s nothing we can do about the challenge. 


It’s how we react to it. It’s our belief about the situation. You have a choice. So for instance, you lose your job. You can either look at thinking I’m worthless, I’m hopeless, I’m never gonna come out anything. 


How am I gonna support my family? That’s going to lead to depression, that’s going to lead to continuing those negative thoughts and negative behaviors. 


You lose your job, but change the belief of you know what, this is my opportunity to actually do something that I’ve been wanting to do for so long, which is then going to lead to a different consequence is going to lead to different behavior


In this episode we talk about : 


  • what inspired her to become an AP Psychology teacher?
  • How did she overcome her experience of being diagnosed with Alopecia 
  • The best way to control your mindset with dealing with tough experiences 
  • Advice for people who struggle with self-image 



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