How to Work Against the Loneliness Epidemic w/ Julie Schechter

Julie Schechter

How to Work Against the Loneliness Epidemic w/ Julie Schechter


In this Episode, Julie is going to discuss why healthy relationships are the bedrock of our mental health. 



Julie Schechter, a former attorney and graduate of law school is the co-Founder and CEO of Small packages, a small packages company that focuses on creating care packages to help people bus people maintain their friendships.


 Small Packages has been featured on New York Times Wire Cutter, CNN , and Good Morning America. Julie has also been awarded a visionary woman grant by Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran.


 Prior to starting Small Care Packages Julie created Fit Ballet which is an innovative ballet fitness company with live classes and personal training that focuses on women embracing healthier stable bodies and minds. 




Julie discusses how we can protect our relationships


“One of the things that we really try to talk about is like shifting the presumption towards connection right? So everybody like knows that joke about how you know, like, meet some friends for drinks and then like, oh, let’s do this again. 


And then it takes like seven weeks to get it back on track. If it were like, free like the seven Yeah. Thursday from now. And so instead, what we sometimes recommend and like what I tried to do in my life is like set up just recurring things with certain people, right? 


So it might be the first Monday of every month is when you’re going to see these friends and like if you don’t get it every month, that’s okay. But it isn’t then something that’s competing with other things like other pieces in your life will fit in around it. 


Julie discusses the loneliness epidemic


“Everybody talks about how hard it is to make friends but for some reason people don’t really talk that much about holding on to the people you really care about”.


We just sort of have this societal norm of, what’s really normal to ,not talk to your best friend for months at a time because everybody’s busy and those relationships fade and we just kind of like let that happen. And we’re over here like, but why like, it doesn’t, it doesn’t have to be that way.”


In this episode, we discuss :


  • The Loneliness epidemic and how Julie’s company “Small Packages” is helping to solve that problem 
  • All about Small Packages and what inspired her to start her company
  • Tips for how to protect relationships and develop strong bonds 
  • Tips for Individuals who want to pivot from a career which no longer serves them



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