Meet The Impeccable Investor, Austin Bouley: 20-Year-Old Student Revolutionizing The Way People Learn The Stock Market

Meet The Impeccable Investor, Austin Bouley: 20-Year-Old Student Revolutionizing The Way People Learn The Stock Market

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Austin Bouley has created a platform to uplift and support others seeking success in the world of investing known as The Impeccable Investor. His interest in trade and investing began when he was a high school student.

Bouley was watching a documentary on Warren Buffet when he realized that he wanted to be as successful as Buffet was. He saw others achieving success in the trade business and believed that he could do the same. However, his first experience with the stock market was far from perfect.

“My parents gave me some of their savings to make my first trade and it went terribly.”

After losing 20% of his parents’ money, he was discouraged from investing in the stock market and returned the savings to his parents. However, he decided not to give up. He started saving his own money and spent all his time educating himself. Little by little, he figured it out and started making money.

After gaining traction in the stock market, Bauley wanted to teach people valuable content that was easy to understand so that others could be inspired to have the success that he has had. He started a YouTube channel, and after gaining several subscribers, created an Instagram account as well under the name of The Impeccable Investor.

Austin has shared amazing investing tips, educational videos, and current market reports, as well as some very funny memes on his platforms. The posts are informative and include easily accessible infographics that impart a lot of knowledge quite clearly. They are perfect for sharing with young investors who may not know as much about the stock market.

Bouley has made sure that his presence on social media ties in with the work he does by considering the average age and available capital of his primary audience.

He believes that he has strong leverage in regards to engaging his audience over a platform such as Instagram, but also offers free investing and swing trading courses on his own website, as well as advanced courses on the psychology of trading.

The free courses answer common questions such as: How does the stock market work? What are the market fundamentals? How do you interpret a stock chart?

“Every trader and investor has a micro level and macro level. The micro level is what the person is feeling, their emotions. And the macro level is what the stock market is doing.”

The three main investing strategies Bauley goes by are:

  • Buy and hold
  • Dividend investing
  • Trend investing

The choices and decisions that each trader and investor makes are based on their micro and macro levels. Bouley urges readers to stop their fears from preventing them from trading certain stocks, just because they might seem risky.

The stock market functions on the basis of competition and some would categorize it as primarily a negative-sum game. The trick to the game is understanding the psychology behind the decisions that stock traders make.

“When you think about psychology, you not only need to think about what is going on inside your head, but also what the market as a whole is thinking.”

The risk of losing money at certain points in trading is a part of the job. Bauley emphasized how important it is that each trader understands the risk of getting wiped out. The emotional aspect of trading can turn into a vicious cycle and needs to be dealt with throughout the process of trading. Whatever you put into your brokerage account, you need to be prepared to lose in case of a market crash.

“My life goal and my dream job is to be a financial advisor. To help people, to motivate people, and to encourage and teach people. 

Many young people, especially college-age students, have turned towards small-scale investing using platforms like E*Trade and Robinhood in order to supplement their income. There is an increase in young traders getting involved in investing their money in stocks during the COVID-19 pandemic, and this is when education on how to properly trade stocks has become really important, as it has the potential to benefit their lives.

According to Bouley, the top three attributes needed to be a successful trader are:

  • Controlling your emotions through self-awareness
  • Having a learner’s mindset 
  • Having a go-getter attitude 

Trading can become extremely stressful at times and there is a great deal of pressure on a trader’s back every time the stock market does not move in their favor. Bouley keeps himself grounded by staying consistent in his daily routines.

He begins each day with positive affirmations and journals to stay motivated and aware of his emotions, and sets boundaries for himself to make time for himself to decompress and not be obsessed with the market after closing time.

“It’s not about me, it’s about the people I am helping.” 

Bouley is passionate about providing advice to his Instagram followers and takes the time to respond to each question he is asked on his social media accounts. He uses his own understanding of what others are struggling with when just starting out to help them advance towards their own success stories.

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