Overcoming Trauma As a Rape Survivor w/ Phoebe Fructouso

Phoebe Fructuoso

Overcoming Trauma As a Rape Survivor w/ Phoebe Fructouso

In this episode, Phoebe discusses rape culture and how she overcame trauma from being sexually assaulted. 


As a victim of Phoebe Fructouso has taken it upon herself to educate others on the dangers of gender-based violence and rape violence. She has created a life of hope and positivity through empowering herself in advocating for sexual harassment victims and being a voice for individuals who have had trouble facing trauma being sexually assaulted and harassed. She is an Influencer Relations Officer at Centaur Digitial Marketing PH Inc and Public Relations officer at Alexander Karl Group.




Phoebe discusses how to heal from the trauma of being sexually assaulted

“the best thing you could do is let it go because if you keep hatred in your heart and you keep waiting for the other person, and yourself up with them energy, it doesn’t affect them, it affects you. So once I started to do like, even pray about my enemies. Like I forgive them, even if they don’t say sorry that I just won’t give them I just wanted to let us know.

But I’m pushing my kids and I’m pushing for justice. It’s just that I’m not going to keep that anger anymore. I just had to push it away. So I guess that’s one of like the greatness lessons and I advise this to my friends a lot, especially when they hold their resentment because it applies to anything and will apply to you in a breakup or to whoever you’re keeping towards “


Phoebe gives tips on how to take care of your mental health


“I think a lot of people think that if you’re in if you’re talking to a psychiatrist, like people think that you’re crazy. You have to be crazy to give value to mental health. So yeah, like it’s not. It’s good to learn and be aware if if you don’t want to talk to us like that is there’s so much things you can read. On the internet like love languages, basically.

I like that a lot of people are more aware of love languages because you should love your partner in their love, love language, not yours, but also that psychology and understanding other people because to me, if you understand yourself and you understand than other people the world’s just gonna be a better place less drama. And, you know, we’re all just gonna be nice to each other. Because and we need that, you need healthy relationship steps to really grow more





  • What inspired Phoebe to become an advocate for victims of sexual assault and harassment
  • How She overcame her trauma and what her healing journey was like
  • The ways rape culture is perpetuated in social media
  • Tips for advocating for sexual assault and harassment victims
  • The best way to take care of your mental health




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