How To Pivot in Your Career w/ Dr. Cheryl Robinson

Cheryl Robinson

How To Pivot in Your Career w/ Dr. Cheryl Robinson


In this episode, Cheryl talks about how to successfully pivot to a new career.



Dr. Cheryl Robinson is an international speaker and entrepreneur with 15 years of event consulting experience within the Sports & Entertainment industry.

She has a Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership. Through her company Read2Roar, she develops and hosts leadership workshops for corporations on

Topics include pivoting, leadership, self-marketing & branding, and navigating the media landscape. D. C is also a contributor to ForbesWomen where she has interviewed over 400 women who have pivoted within their careers. 



Cheryl discusses mentorships as part of the pivoting journey. 


“It goes back to developing relationships, like you said, you can’t just cold email someone asking for a mentorship. For me, I’ve never had one specific person that’s been my mentor. I’ve had situational mentors so people I’ve gotten to know through different projects and then they guide me to a certain point and then, you know, it goes on.
And I think there’s a key difference between mentorship and sponsorship, and a lot of people forget about the sponsorship part. Mentors are great.
They can give you advice based off of their experience, but you really want to seek out that one person who stands up for you who’s in your corner, who will say your name, when in a room full of opportunity.”

Cheryl gives key tips on starting a new career 



“One you have to understand that if it’s new, you have to like be patient with yourself because you’re there’s a lot of research involved in pivoting to a new company. You don’t have that skill set.

But just because you don’t have that skill set doesn’t mean you don’t bring value to the table.

It’s just that there’s a learning curve when it comes to pivoting to you really have to know what you’re getting yourself into.

And that’s why having that strong network is going to help you ask the people who’ve done it before you to share what were some of their challenges.

What were some of their highs, what are some things to look out for pay attention to? Because the more information you have, the more seamless that transition is going to be.

And three, just because you pivot doesn’t mean that’s the end all. You’re going to pivot constantly and if this doesn’t work out, go to something else.

It’s okay. Just remember that the failures are just lessons learned. It’s not a reflection of who you are as an individual.


In this episode we discuss


  • How Dr. Cheryl Robinson started and developed her business Ready to Roar
  • How Cheryl pivoted her company Ready to Roar 
  • Cheryl’s Research on individuals who successfully pivoted
  • Key Tips for individuals who want to start a new career 
  • How to cultivate a strong self in the wake of rejection 
  • Tips for the best way to network



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