How to Embrace Your Genius and Lead with Impact and Fulfillment

Chinwe Esimai

How to Embrace Your Genius and Lead with Impact and Fulfillment


In this episode, Chinwe discusses how to unlock your full potential by embracing your genius and living a life of fulfillment. 


Chinwe Esmai is a Havard award-winning lawyer who is also the first person to hold a position as a Cheif Anti- Bribery Officer at Citigroup (an American multinational bank and financial services corporation). She has been named as trailblazer of the year by The Nigerian lawyers association, and in 2020 was named one of the 100 inspiring women by Ladies Africa.

She is passionate about inspiring immigrant women on their own leadership journey and created her website to encourage them to break the glass ceiling of possibilities. Chinwe has been featured in publications for her insights including Forbes, Thrive Global, Black Enterprise, Medium, Real Business UK, and Knowledge@Wharton. She is a host of Brillance Beyond Borders and will soon release her book titled “Brillance Beyond Borders.



Chinwe discusses how women can become successful in a male-dominated field

“I think the first thing is to first understand and embrace what you’re bringing to the table. What are the unique things are bringing to the table, really owning them and being very intentional about your brand? Want to be known as Who do you want to be seen as how do you want to be perceived and crafting that intentionally? Regardless of your industry? I think that’s critical. It’s critical to be thoughtful about what you want your brand to be, and how you want people to perceive you.

And it does make a difference the intention that you bring in so it makes a difference in how you’re perceived. So that’s the first thing I would say. The second thing I would say, and I say this to people on my team, male or female is executive presence, building that executive presence which basically boils down to communicating effectively. It boils down to being able to sell an idea and engage with people in a way that inspires confidence inspires respect, and inspires trust”


Chinwe gives tips on how to keep embracing and coming to terms with your own journey

I’ll give one tip that I always give anyone is going within, so finding that time to get quiet and sit with questions. So whether it’s through meditation or prayer, but really finding that quiet time, every single day, to allow the truth within us to come to the to the forefront. So, embedding a practice of quiet time every single day, I think is really critical to understanding and embracing your purpose.

And motivation is amazing. And I think, you know, a lot of times we can find, you know, mentors, whether virtually or in-person that inspire us, but I would also say that consistency is very critical. So one of the things my trainers say is consistently good is better than occasionally Great. Which means that we need to just keep taking those small actions, the small steps and sticking with it”.



  • What inspired her to become a lawyer how did she become the first person to be given the role of managing director and chief anti-bribery officer at Citigroup, Inc
  • Immigrant women and leadership, specifically on her experience of encouraging other immigrant women to embrace their genius
  • Tips on moving forward and embracing your journey
  • How women can succeed in a male-dominated career and have a seat at the table
  • Tips on how to find the best mentor
  • Chiwe’s new book Brillance Beyond Borders ” and the term Immigrance discussed in her book




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